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Home The Feuilleton of MilSan and MikWag Ten Bears Speaks (about CNN)

Ten Bears Speaks (about CNN)

Ten Bears Speaks


Mila the Intern Pitches a Story to the Tribal Elders

Recovered from the Diary of John Dunbar

Mila the Intern: Ted Turner could have graduated with a degree in Classics. He could have become a Professor Emeritus of Greek and Latin. He could have become, what his father referred to as “a Classic snob” --an insular, impractical dreamer reasoning about reasoning.

Instead, Ted was a good son. He took to heart the impassioned words of his father who wrote Ted a letter in response to his decision to major in the Classics at Brown. Ted chose the path advised by his father -- to work with people who are “doing things, who have an interesting, not a decadent outlook.”

This World’s Untold Story would be about the man who created CNN. Without this man, television would not be what it is today. The news would not be as we know it.

Recently, Ted has been trying to give advice to CNN. But is CNN listening to its father?

Ted says to deliver serious news, more news, quality news. In an October interview with Bloomberg, Ted said that he wants to come back to CNN so it would get rid of “fluffy” news and expand its coverage.

CNN should heed Ted's fatherly advice to aim higher, do better, eliminate the small talk, the chatter, the dog-without-a-head stories, and to become more international.

CNN can begin to fulfill its filial obligation by running Ted’s story in the World’s Untold Stories. The international audience--as opposed to the American public that already knows Turner’s story and can get this info from his autobiography and other books--does not know the story of the man for whom CNN has been a life’s work. The international audience now takes world news as a given, as a staple courtesy of this remarkable man. But CNN’s international audience should know more about his life, his aspirations, dreams, his hopes and why he thinks that news is important.

To tell Ted’s story as a World’s Untold Story would be to tell CNN’s own biography, its story. By doing so, CNN could show its commitment to do more, to do better and to become the unquestioned leader in delivering quality journalism to a worldwide audience for generations to come.

Wind in his Hair: This story is not a World’s Untold Story. Everyone knows this story. Teddy the Bear left our camp. I don’t care for this talk about the man. He is no longer Sioux. We should forget him. There is no honor in his words. I am not afraid of him. I will ride out to his camp and shoot some arrows into this white man. If he truly has medicine, he will not be hurt. If he has no medicine, he will be dead.


Ten Bears: Mila the Intern speaks what is in my mind. I think about this man often. He left our land. But make no mistake about it, Teddy the Bear was a great chief. Our enemies know this. For many moons we hunted buffalo and took scalps with him. But the people do not speak of him or seek his council. There are great changes coming from the east. The chiefs speak of people more numerous than the stars who will come and take our lands and our way of life. Teddy the Bear knows of this world. We should speak with him.

Mila the Intern shows courage to speak of Teddy the Bear to the elders. She is noble and willful like him. I think Mila the Intern will visit the fort of Teddy the Bear. She will bring him a pipe. They will sit and smoke a while. Those are my thoughts.

Kicking Bird: It is not right for us to talk with Teddy the Bear. He is no longer one of our people. He is just a man with a smart horse. It will bring dishonor to a great chief like Ten Bears to parley with him.

Ten Bears: It is easy to be confused by these questions. It is hard to know what to do. I think you will go with Mila the Intern to Teddy the Bear’s camp. You will make a present to Teddy of your best horse and bring a cameraman for a live interview. That is all I have to say.


[Sources: The film Dances with Wolves]