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Home The Feuilleton of MilSan and MikWag This is CNN? (outtakes)

This is CNN? (outtakes)

[Editor's note:  James Earl Jones was the original 'voice' of CNN']

(Control booth:  OK James, whenever you are ready?)
Sir, I am always ready!
This channel is called CNN
(Jim, how about something shorter?)
This channel, this CNN
(good, can you give us another, baby?)
This news, your CNN
(now you're cooking, how about one more?)
This, this ..(breaks out laughing)..   Lemme start over
(Jim, how about "This is CNN")
It isn't grammatical.
(We know Jimbo, but just for fun ...)
This 'poshlost' called CNN
OK, OK, sorry just kidding, here it is...
this is cnn
(Come on Jim, just humor us one time, like you believe it)

This is CNN

(Oh, baby, that's it.  You nailed it)
You gotta be kidding me.
(no Jim, its perfect)
Lemme try one more.   
[hushed discussion in control booth]....   (OK, Jim, you got it)


[winks in control booth] ... (Thanks Jim, maybe we will use that one in the future)

(That's a wrap everybody, let's get some sushi)