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eFeuilleton's Endorsements for the mid-term U.S. Congressional Elections

[p.s. The mid-term results are in.  The nations of the world who were hoping against hope that the patient would recover, now must resign themselves, like the bereaved sitting at vigil]









False equivalences broadcasting continuously on the state-owned

Nasha Pravda ("Our Truth"), formerly Fox News, 2014



Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, there has been a struggle between corporations and working people in America—an economic struggle.


The working people gradually gained a larger share of the wealth of the country.


The high-water mark was set in the 1960s.


Then the tide turned.  Corporations, with the assistance of both political parties but mostly the Republicans, used every means possible, both legal and illegal, to take back the economic gains of the working people.  Corporations gained enormous influence in city, state, and federal governments.  They wrote legislation, built bridges to nowhere, took control of newspapers and of television prime time.


You see, the corporations figured it out.  They learned that the working class can be manipulated by propaganda.  They learned that relatively small investments of money can buy elections.  That small investments of money can yield large returns in federal tax breaks.


The corporations are like bad dogs now…  Or addicts.

Anyone reading the objective reporting in the NY Times about this election knows that what we are saying is true.  If you haven’t been reading objective sources, perhaps you should do so before going to the polls.  But if you don’t have the time or inclination to read objective sources, here’s a simple solution for you:


Don’t vote for a Republican.  Any Republican.  Make this mid-term election a referendum on the simple fact that the Republican Party has sold out to the corporations.


A Republican, not a Democrat, got us into two wars.  A Republican, not a Democrat, presided over the looting of the financial system and the hyperballooning of the national debt.  A Republican, not a Democrat, will lower taxes for the rich and lower Medicare and Social Security benefits for the working class.  A Republican will block campaign finance reform.  A Republican exposed an undercover CIA agent named Valerie Plume.  A Republican will vote en bloc with the Republican Party and use the filibuster to cause gridlock.  A Republican handed out checks from the tobacco lobby to other Republicans on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Yes, he did.


True, the corporations own Democrats as well. The corporations just own fewer Democrats.  Far fewer.


True, Abraham Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower were Republicans.   The Republicans just don’t have any Lincolns or Eisenhowers any more.


This election calls for a vote against the Republican Party.  The working class should send a message that repropaganda doesn’t work.  The working class should elect a filibuster-proof majority that can close the loopholes in campaign finance that corporations use to buy elected officials.


Otherwise, our nation takes another step down the backward path in which the ignoble and increasingly emboldened Rove, Cheney, Koch I and II, Palin, Beck, Thomas, Boner, and their brown-shirted thugs get to live out their fantasies.  A wet-dream for them, a nightmare for us.  The masturbatory fantasy of Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Hitler for them, the dystopia of Orwell, Zamyatin, and Vonnegut for those who can sublimate, and the gulag, killing field, and concentration camp for the rest of us.