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How to Kill Political Attack Ads and Fox News in a Single Blow: A guide for progressives

From April to September, cable and satellite companies had a net loss of about 330,000 customers.

NY Times Dec. 7 2010


My fellow Americans!

(a) Are you sick to death of political attack ads?

(b) Are you sick to death of Hannity, Palin, Newt the Grinch and the other chubby guy?

(c) Do you miss Bill Moyers?  Do you yearn for news that is as objective as The PBS News Hour, and Washington Week in Review?

(d) Or do you simply want to kick Rupert Murdoch in the nuts?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, here's what you do:  Cancel your cable subscription.  The revenues at News Corp. will take a hit, and Herr Murdoch will find himself on the floor holding his miserly nuts.  You, on the other hand, will be taking a stroll, visiting with your friends or sitting at the local bar watching football.

If you answered 'yes' to all four, that means you are hopping mad and really need to make a statement, so send the money that you saved by cancelling your cable, minus your bar tab, to your local PBS station (the central office for PBS does not do fund raising as far as I can tell).  An objective source of information, devoid of commercials, is in your interest.  Here's a link to the donation form for Pittsburgh's PBS station:   WQED TV

Don't worry.  You won't be shot or arrested like when you were a Vietnam War protestor, or a Mississippi freedom worker, or a Kent State student.  You won't be clubbed over the head like Mahatma Ghandi, or imprisoned like Nelson Mandela or Alexandr Solzhenitsyn.

Shoot, it's not even civil disobedience.  It requires no courage whatsoever -- just patriotism and the ability to imagine.  Imagine the effect of 100,000 cable-subscription cancellations coupled to donations to PBS.  Imagine the news coverage that such a protest movement would attract. Imagine the "crisis of conscience" in the boardrooms of the six corporations that own all the TV channels (News Corporation, GE, Times Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, and CBS) as they struggle with the deep ethical problem of how to get the viewership back without sacrificing the huge and increasing windfall of money that comes to them every two years from political attack ads.   Imagine how the cable companies--who hate Fox News already for its Republican-like extortion tactics (witness the abrupt black-outs of the World Series in NY)--will happily unpackage Fox News from basic service for those viewers who would rather drop out than tune in.