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Home The Feuilleton of MilSan and MikWag The Adventures of the Starship Enterprise

The Adventures of the Starship Enterprise

Stardate 1.05.2011

— Bridge to Captain Obama.
— Obama here.
— The Klingons have taken over the Enterprise, Captain.
— What the devil are they doing, Pelosi?
— They're reading the U.S. Constitution, Captain.
— Scotty, are they really reading the Constitution?
— Aye Captain, every word of it.
— Is that all?
— They're changing the rules so that everyone has to cite the Constitution before beaming down to the men's room.
— Anything else?
— They want to fly the Enterprise in reverse at warp speed factor 1000 to go back to 1890.
— What do you make of it, Chekhov?
— Is agitprop, Capitan... political theater... invented by little old lady in Leningrad.
— Spock?
— Fascinating… Their illogical approach to winning elections does have advantages, Captain.