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Home The Feuilleton of MilSan and MikWag New Year's Resolution-2011

New Year's Resolution-2011

— Hey, MikWag, got a New Year's resolution?

— I have more, your Eminence, than two but less than four.

— Lay them on me, dude.

— To write dialogs, Sir, prose has become for me a bore.

— I hear you, brother.

— To employ polite forms of address, Highness, as t'was done in days of yore.

— Numero 3?

— Just a moment, my little chickadee, I, do thee, implore.

— What a euphonious appellation!

— Indeed, Exaltedness, would had I used it more before.

— And for the trifecta, daddyo?

— To write less estimably than inestimable Poe...  Nevermore.