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Which Domino Falls Next?

The elephant question that is about to enter the room: "Is the U.S. the next domino to fall?"

"Absurd!" you say.  "What do Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, the eastern bloc, the Soviet Union have in common with current conditions in the U.S?"



- A government that is perceived as out of touch?  Check.

- A government that is perceived as favoring the rich?  Check.

- Corruption?  Check.

- High unemployment rate?  Check.

- Widespread use of Twitter and Facebook?  Check.

- Violations of human rights?  Check.

- Enough people with nothing to lose?  Getting there.

- A perception that elections are unfair?  Getting there.


If a contagion — or domino'ing — of non violent revolution washes onto our shores, I suspect it will find expression in massive, but focused, protests in favor of reproductive freedom, financial regulation, gun control, health care reform, and the need for a jobs program that improves infrastructure.  It may find expression in protests against environmental de-regulation.

It may find expression in peaceful actions like boycotts of Fox News.

It may find expression in demands for structural change.  “Like what?” you ask?  The Supreme Court, because of accumulated resentment about the appointment process, Clarence Thomas, the recent Citizen's United decision and what the Supreme Court is likely to do about the Health Care Affordability Act.  Especially the latter, which would be an instance of the Court using a technicality to override the will of the people.

It may find expression in demands for structural change in the Senate and the Electoral College.  Neither embodies the principle of "one citizen, one vote," and both are as contemporary as George Washington's wooden teeth.

And it may find expression in the 2012 elections, when the people will reject the thoroughly discredited Republican Party, the elephant that is already in the room.

You say, "We already have a democracy, so the domino metaphor is not apt."

I say, "What we have in common with the people in Egypt, in terms of what we would be rising up against, is a plutocracy."