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Kristof Goes Gonzo

Submitted for your approval, the tweets of a Mr. Nicholas Kristof during Hosni Mubarak’s address, Tuesday, Feb 1:

#Mubarak says protesters were exploited by factions who wanted to loot and destroy property.  Ugh Oh.  Starting badly.


#Mubarak: "There are political forces that have rejected my invitation to dialogue." Hello?


#Mubarak: "It is not in my nature to give up responsibility." Hmm. Better develop a new nature.


#Mubarak: Calls for early elections, but doesn't specify when; he suggests he will stay for a few months. But nobody trusts him.


#Mubarak: Says he will die in Egypt. In effect, he says he won't do a Ben Ali and flee to Saudi Arabia.


#To me, bottom line of Mubarak speech: Too little, too late.  Upheavals will continue. Protesters want him OUT.


#Clueless in Cairo, and too little, too late: that's my blog take on Mubarak's speech. - http://nyti.ms/fkkxmO


If you wish to listen to Mr. Kristof's ongoing tweeting, which is something between Walter Cronkite and Hunter S. Thompson (but not Mark Ames), click here.  Or perhaps you would enjoy a reporter for Abu Dhabi's National who tweets here.

(Apologies  to Rod Serling)