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New York Times' Style Sheet-- LIBYA

They are not rebels that are fighting for -- in Libya. They are pro-democracy activists that started out demonstrating on the street. And they ended up being victims of airplane bombardment, tank mortars, guns, everything you can think of.

Libyan human rights activist responding to Judy Woodruff on PBS Newshour.



The following style sheet represents correct usage at (throat clearing and dramatic pause) The Times.



Style Sheet -- LIBYA


Mercenary from Somali:  Qaddafi loyalist

Tripoli resident waving flag and yelling in exchange for $400:   Qaddafi supporter

Pilot who knows he and his family will be executed if he disobeys:  Forces loyal to Qaddafi

Members of the secret police torturing a teenage boy:  Pro-government forces


Old woman washing clothing: rebel

Child playing with dog: rebel

Woman carrying poster protesting killings: rebel

Man sitting on fence: rebel


Two men lifting a piece of iron onto a barricade to protect old woman washing clothing, child playing with dog, woman resting after carrying poster, and man sitting on fence:  Rebel forces



IMPORTANT TIP:   The Guardian, the second most-read English-language newspaper in the world (on line), has better coverage than the NY Times.