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Stupid is as Stupid Does

God, on the matter of events in Libya, the West is going to look on while Gaddafi emerges victorious - then the handwringing - then the business deals again, I suppose.  I find this so tragic, so absolutely gutless. Is there no single democratic leader prepared to commit force to kill Gaddafi?

Reader-commenter viewfromcairo, The Guardian, March 9 2011


The problem with democracy is that, by definition, half the citizens have IQ's less than or equal to 100.

One of my brothers


Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe. -- Albert Einstein


Let me boil it down so that stupid doesn't keep doing as stupid does.

Qaddafi is a sociopath, like Hitler.

His regime is a reign of terror, like Hitler's.   If you don't obey, you get hung by a piano wire with your family.

Hey reader, read this.  Hey New York Times, read it too.  After you read it, please stop doing as stupid does.  Stop calling the terrified-but-complicit military "pro-Qaddafi forces" or "Qaddafi loyalists."

Like Hitler, there isn't a word that comes out of Qaddafi's mouth that makes a bit of sense.  The only thing stupider than what comes out of his mouth is the puppy-like gullibility of the media that covers what he says instead of keeping it simple.

As with Hitler, the simple thing to do is kill him.   The stupid thing to do is to repeat the same old mistake that everyone makes when dealing with sociopaths, which is to play by the rules.   There are no rules when you are dealing with sociopaths.   You avoid them completely.   If they somehow get a hold of you, you take them out.

Hey U.N., stop babbling stupidly.  Anyone with a kindergarten education knows that you either knock the sociopathic bully down, or admit that you are a coward to yourself and the Libyan people.