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Home The Feuilleton of MilSan and MikWag The Battle of the Budget

The Battle of the Budget

The party elite knew that the war wasn't going well and it was just a matter of time before utter annihilation.

But they were too afraid to tell the fanatical leadership.

That's why no one tried to stop the fanatical leadership when they asked the strategists for the genius plan.   The strategists code named it "The Ryan Budget Proposal."

They launched the surprise attack in February.  Caught everyone by surprise.  Took some ground, got through the lower house of the Reichstag.

Then it encountered fierce resistance at the strategic city of Vérité (formerly known as Bastogne).

They sent in an emissary, demanding unconditional surrender: "Yield or we shut down the government."

Krugman (not to be confused with General McAullife) chewed on his cigar, asked an aide-de-camp for a scrap of paper, scribbled a four-letter response: