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A Day at the Races

I used to enjoy going to the track to watch the greyhound races when it was free.

Around 11 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they release a mechanical rabbit in the form of an opinion piece by Brooks.   The greyhounds think it’s real and go tear-assing after this utterly fake thing.

I loved to watch the feistiest greyhound of all time--Marie Burns--when she got a late start yet pulled into the lead. And Karen Garcia’s elegant lines.  And big old Gone-with-the-Wind Walter Rhett loping along.  And the idealistic dogs from somewheres high in the mountains.

My personal favorite was Gemli, when he or she ran.

It was hilarious and idiotic at the same time.

The track makes a fortune.  I’m sure they pay Brooks something, but they don’t pay the greyhounds a thing.  It’s a total racket.

The sad part is the greyhounds of course. They could be out protesting or working on election recall campaigns, or sitting in.   If they had their wits about them, they’d realize that the way to catch Brooks and chew him up is to not chase him at all.    If the lead greyhounds were to lose interest in chasing that rabbit, the track owner would find another lure.  Bring back Kristol... or a wind-up Glenn Beck or something.

Alas, the noble greyhounds (and they are quite noble)...

With the exception of JLP from Palo Alto.  I don’t know how that mudder gets onto the track, but he isn’t much to watch.