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Home The Feuilleton of MilSan and MikWag Bulgakov's Feuilleton-Table of Contents

Bulgakov's Feuilleton-Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Future Prospects

At a Café

The Week of Enlightenment

Spiritualistic Séance

The Escapades of Chichikov

A Cup of Life


KNP and KP

Moonshine Lake

Chanson d’Été

Beware of Counterfeits!

A Restless Trip

The Secrets of the Harem


Stairway to Heaven


A Drastic Remedy

The Performance at Little Roosters

How He Lost His Mind

The Hours of Life and Death

The Electrical Lecture

Shopping Center on Wheels

Enlightenment with Bloodshed

The Golden Documents

Square-feet on Wheels


A Wedding with Party Secretaries

A Talking Dog

Did They Post It or Not?

The Sahara

The Story of Makar Devushkin

The Invisible Boots

Skull Hunters

The Adventures of a Dead Man

Meeting in the Presence of a Member


How the School Collapsed into the Underworld

Interrogation without Prejudice

On What Basis Did the Foreman Get Married?!

A Beer Story

The Funhouse Mirror

How to Fight with Gudok

How the Chairman Exterminated the Transport


The Comrade Director and the Masses

Three Kopeks

The Egyptian Mummy

Chopin’s Overture

The Lullaby of a Station Master

No More

A Story About Podjilkin and Grain


Concerning the Naked Case

The Swallowed Train

Wall Against Wall

A New Means of Book Distribution

Three Orders of Swinehood

A Notice from the Emperor

The War Between Water and Iron

A Worker–Correspondent’s Story about Extraneous


Under the Influence

The Demise of Shurka the Commissioned

The Sounds of Heavenly Polka

The Banana and Sidaraf

A Lucky Man

The Life of a Dog

The Desired Paymaster

“The Government Inspector” with a Knockout Punch


The Healer

The Pharmacy

An Enchanted Place

A Genius Individual

A Collection of Putrid Facts

Love Collateral


Mademoiselle Jeana

Undespairing Teletypists

When Darkness Falls

A Series of Fascinating Projects

A Holiday with Syphilis

Sauna Attendant Ivan

On the Benefit of Alcoholism

How Mr. Flower-Bud Got Married

A Battle with Stamps

An Assembly to the Skull

Work Attains 60 Proof

The Fruit Orchard

A Man and a Thermometer

Concerning Wife Beating

The Negro Incident

When the Dead Rise from the Grave

Using Foul Language

The Wrong Pants


The Dead Walk


Vsevolod the Unlucky

The Jubilant Station

The Sentimental Aquarius

A Mangy Type

Champion of the World



Radio Peter

A Diamond Story