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The Feuilleton Workshop

Watch our author and editor take articles from first draft to final version

Banking Diet Workshop

The author and her editor exchanged quite a few drafts, edits and emails as they took "Banking Diet" from first draft to final version.

Months later, eFeuilleton excavated their inboxes. Fortunately, no marauding tomb raider had broken in and cleaned them out. The artifacts were intact, exactly as they had abandoned them--dusty, but intact.

eFeuilleton examined these curiosities with amazement. Did these people really obsess over the introductory sentence for six days? How could the idea that this story was about sin, moral outrage, and repentance not dawn on them until the 11th hour?


They never intended to reveal to the public this scaffolding--and eFeuilleton didn't throw a coat of paint on it last night--so it is as true a record of their process as any archeologist could hope to find.


To see the artifacts in a single pdf file--from first draft to last-- all laid out in a row-- click here.



Sleeping Beauty Workshop

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The author of “Sleeping Beauty” and her editor exchanged these drafts, edited versions, and emails over the course of six days as they took “Sleeping Beauty” from first draft to final version.


The author’s struggles were Sisyphusean—or so she wrote—and she celebrated her day after Groundhog Day on October 4th when the alarm clock rang at 6 am, but her inbox didn’t contain a single email from the editor.

The attentive reader may notice that the editor is as clueless about how to spell Ahman-what's-his-face as is ex-governor-what's-her-face.

The End


To see the drafts, edits, and emails in a single pdf file click here.