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The Feuilleton of MilSan and MikWag

Revolution -- The Five-Year Plan

Five years ago it was looting, now it's shooting. The government has once again been overthrown in Kyrgyzstan, overthrown by the same politicians who have been in power since they forcibly seized it during the 2005 Tulip Revolution. We are not kidding!

Except President Kurmanbek Bakiev, who led the 2005 coup, but who just today fled the country.  Just like the guy who was there before him. Fled without resignation or remorse.

Incidentally, the guy who was there before Bakiev—Akaev--now teaches at Moscow State University.

CNN is twittering, fact-finding on YouTube, and hanging on every word posted on its Facebook walls. To what end?  Maybe they will be the first to break the story that the Internet is down in Kyrgyzstan, just like it was for the Uigurs in China, and for the Burmese in Myanmar (but for some reason, not in the Ukraine, Moldova or even Georgia).

One of the most impoverished nations of Central Asia is trying to understand who is in power. Bakiev--who hadn’t said a word since protesters first clashed with government forces--simply disappeared. He didn’t resign. He just left. The President left. His former co-revolutionary, Roza Otunbaeva, then proclaimed herself interim president and announced that she was prepared to form an interim government.

In 2005’s Tulip Revolution, Otunbaeva and Bakiev held hands. Once he came to power, he threw her out of the house. That’s when she devised her five-year plan. Today, she is back.


I Congratulate You on International Women's Day


(Я поздравляю вас с Mеждународным женским днем)

March 8 is International Women's Day (IWD). It is a global celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of women… [from wikipedia]

Your humble author, dear reader, bows to the anonymous authoress of this wiki. She tells the story of International Women’s Day. The simple, unadorned facts about how this day came to be and what it means.

…The first IWD was observed on 28 February 1909 in the United States following a declaration by the Socialist Party of America. Among other relevant historic events, it came to commemorate the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire…

The genre befitting this day is the history. Your author should not yield to the temptation to compose a feuilleton on this day. He shouldn't even think of it. He should congratulate his mother, grandmother and his friends on this day. Why risk impudence? Why violate his mother’s precept “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything?” Why risk deflecting attention from the message of sisterhood, selflessness, social responsibility, and obligation – the incontrovertible and powerful stories of the Tverskayas, Politkovskayas, Curies, and Amanpours?

All true. But then what will I have--other than congratulations--to give to the women in my life?  You see, l only just remembered this auspicious day when I awoke a few hours ago, on the eve of the Day. Like you, my biological clock is no longer driven by the seasons or the diurnal cycle.  So when Amazon didn’t inform me that people like me, who had recently purchased a directional antenna, also purchased flowers or chocolates for International Women’s Day, I just assumed there was nothing special about today.  When Levin Furniture forgot to junk mail me five reminders of a blow-out-24-hour-only-no-payments-until-Christmas International Women’s Day Sale, I continued my sleep walking until there simply wasn’t enough time to have a Barcalounger delivered to my beauties.

…The idea of having an IWD was first put forward at the turn of the 20th century amid rapid world industrialization and economic expansion that led to protests over working conditions…


Ten Bears Speaks (about CNN)

Ten Bears Speaks


Mila the Intern Pitches a Story to the Tribal Elders

Recovered from the Diary of John Dunbar

Mila the Intern: Ted Turner could have graduated with a degree in Classics. He could have become a Professor Emeritus of Greek and Latin. He could have become, what his father referred to as “a Classic snob” --an insular, impractical dreamer reasoning about reasoning.

Instead, Ted was a good son. He took to heart the impassioned words of his father who wrote Ted a letter in response to his decision to major in the Classics at Brown. Ted chose the path advised by his father -- to work with people who are “doing things, who have an interesting, not a decadent outlook.”

This World’s Untold Story would be about the man who created CNN. Without this man, television would not be what it is today. The news would not be as we know it.

Recently, Ted has been trying to give advice to CNN. But is CNN listening to its father?

Ted says to deliver serious news, more news, quality news. In an October interview with Bloomberg, Ted said that he wants to come back to CNN so it would get rid of “fluffy” news and expand its coverage.

CNN should heed Ted's fatherly advice to aim higher, do better, eliminate the small talk, the chatter, the dog-without-a-head stories, and to become more international.

CNN can begin to fulfill its filial obligation by running Ted’s story in the World’s Untold Stories. The international audience--as opposed to the American public that already knows Turner’s story and can get this info from his autobiography and other books--does not know the story of the man for whom CNN has been a life’s work. The international audience now takes world news as a given, as a staple courtesy of this remarkable man. But CNN’s international audience should know more about his life, his aspirations, dreams, his hopes and why he thinks that news is important.

To tell Ted’s story as a World’s Untold Story would be to tell CNN’s own biography, its story. By doing so, CNN could show its commitment to do more, to do better and to become the unquestioned leader in delivering quality journalism to a worldwide audience for generations to come.

Wind in his Hair: This story is not a World’s Untold Story. Everyone knows this story. Teddy the Bear left our camp. I don’t care for this talk about the man. He is no longer Sioux. We should forget him. There is no honor in his words. I am not afraid of him. I will ride out to his camp and shoot some arrows into this white man. If he truly has medicine, he will not be hurt. If he has no medicine, he will be dead.

Hear more

Sleeping Beauty?

It is a fairytale right out of Grimms’. A kingdom-wide event. Everyone is invited to the ball-- save one wicked fairy who shows up uninvited to cast a spell. He growls at the court, “I am the fairy that you neglected. Pray where are your King’s manners, how have you forgotten me among the friends?” 

Thus spake Ahmadinejad in New York at the very moment that the G-20 in Pittsburgh was wrapping up the September meeting of finance ministers and central bankers.


Feuilleton of the Year 2009 --"Tiger Woods, Person of the Year" by Frank Rich

Unlike author Frank Rich, eFeuilleton isn't being ironic in naming his Tiger Woods, Person of the Year as its Feuilleton of the Year.

To enjoy this masterpiece, please click the link below.   You may have to register for free access to The New York Times, but it will be quick and painless.

eFeuilleton's Feuilleton of the Year  Tiger Woods, Person of the Year by Frank Rich.



Haven't We Seen this Movie Before?

Somebody chasing a talented kid-golfer out of the house with a golf club?

Oh yeah.   Caddyshack.  Judge Smails, Danny Noonan, Lacy Underalls.   The judge discovers his niece and Noonan en flagrante.

How did Noonan get back into the Judge’s good graces?

What’s that?   He didn’t?

Tiger, my man, you aren’t going to get any respect at "Bushwood" after this.

Try "Clintonwood."    Money isn't everything.



A Nobel Sunday with the Wright Reverend Right

Hey, Nobel Peace Price, ya’ll!   Um, for what? Oh, well, who cares?!?  Let’s jam!

Celebrate, good times, c’mon! ...

There’s a party goin’ on right here

A celebration to last throughout the years...

I’m telling you, you all better get on the bandwagon. This “knee-grow” is touched by an angel. His black ass is golden.

This M-F’er might have the elixir, the cure running through his veins. The cure to what you say... Every Damn Thang!

Obamessiah, can you please lay hands on lil’ Pravat and cure his leprosy?”   “Of, course, my child.”

How long before they make him pope??

On second thought, are we sure he’s ain’t a Jew? He’s sure been anointed like he’s one of the g-ddamn chosen people.

Handle yo’ business, Obama!



The Weakly Standard

Dear Dr. Kristol,
As someone who has been following your coverage of US politics over the years, I have long wondered about the name of your journal.   I understand why it is 'weekly' but I just don't get the word 'standard.'
I tried every sense in Webster's: