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Feuilleton of the Year 2010-"From WikiChina" by Tom Friedman & Krugman's Economic Feuilleton

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This year, the coveted "Little Pinky" goes to two writers: Tom Friedman for From WikiChina and Paul Krugman, for sustained achievement with his headlining economic Feuilleton, a prodigious output of 100 feuilletons in 2010.

To read these masterpieces, please click the links below.   You may have to register for free access to The New York Times, which we hope will not disappear in 2011 (the free access, that is).

From WikiChina by Tom Friedman

The Economic Feuilleton of Paul Krugman (links to all 100 articles below)


Chinese New Year, January 1

That 1937 Feeling, January 4

Bubbles and the Banks, January 8

Learning From Europe, January 11

Bankers Without a Clue, January 15

What Didn’t Happen, January 18

Do the Right Thing, January 22

The Bernanke Conundrum, January 25

March of the Peacocks, January 29

Good and Boring, February 1

Fiscal Scare Tactics, February 5

America Is Not Yet Lost, February 8

Republicans and Medicare, February 12

The Making of a Euromess, February 15

California Death Spiral, February 19

The Bankruptcy Boys, February 22

Afflicting the Afflicted, February 26

Financial Reform Endgame, March 1

Senator Bunning’s Universe, March 5

An Irish Mirror, March 8

Health Reform Myths, March 12

Taking On China, March 15

Why We Reform, March 19

Fear Strikes Out, March 22

Going to Extreme, March 26

Punks and Plutocrats, March 29

Financial Reform 101, April 2

Making Financial Reform Fool-Resistant, April 5

Learning From Greece, April 9

Georgia on My Mind, April 12

The Fire Next Time, April 16

Looters in Loafers, April 19

Don’t Cry for Wall Street, April 23

Berating the Raters, April 26

The Euro Trap, April 30

Drilling, Disaster, Denial, May 3

A Money Too Far, May 7

Sex & Drugs & the Spill, May 10

We’re Not Greece, May 14

Going to Extreme, May 17

Lost Decade Looming?, May 21

The Old Enemies, May 24

The Pain Caucus, May 31

That ’30s Feeling, June 18

Budget Deficits: Spend Now, Save Later, June 21

The Renminbi Runaround, June 25

The Third Depression, June 28

Myths of Austerity, July 2

Punishing the Unemployed, July 5

Pity The Poor C.E.O.'s, July 9

The Feckless Fed, July 12

Redo That Voodoo, July 16

The Pundit Delusion, July 19

Addicted to Bush, July 23

Who Cooked the Planet?, July 26

Curbing Your Enthusiasm, July 30

Defining Prosperity Down, August 2

The Flimflam Man, August 6

America Goes Dark, August 9

Paralysis at the Federal Reserve, August 13

Attacking Social Security, August 16

Appeasing the Bond Gods, August 20

Bush Tax Cuts: Now That’s Rich, August 23

This Is Not a Recovery, August 27

It’s Witch-Hunt Season, August 30

The Real Story, September 3

1938 in 2010, September 6

Things Could Be Worse, September 10

China, Japan, America and the Renminbi, September 13

The Tax-Cut Racket, September 17

The Angry Rich and Taxes, September 20

Downhill With the G.O.P., September 24

Structure of Excuses, September 27

Taking On China, October 1

Fear and Favor, October 4

The End of the Tunnel, October 8

Hey, Small Spender, October 11

The Mortgage Morass, October 15

Rare and Foolish, October 18

British Fashion Victims, October 22

Falling Into the Economic Chasm, October 25

Divided We Fail, October 29

Mugged by the Debt Moralizers, November 1

The Focus Hocus-Pocus, November 5

The Fed - Doing It Again, November 8

The Hijacked Commission, November 12

The World as He Finds It, November 15

Axis of Depression, November 19

There Will be Blood, November 22

Eating the Irish, November 26

The Spanish Prisoner, November 29

Freezing Out Hope, December 3

Let’s Not Make a Deal, December 6

Obama’s Hostage Deal, December 10

Block Those Economic Metaphors, December 13

Wall Street Whitewash, December 17

When Zombies Win, December 20

The Humbug Express, December 24

The Finite World, December 26

The New Voodoo, December 30